Complaints Procedure

At Friar Lettings we pride ourselves on our level of service to our landlords and tenants.. However occasionally things do go wrong and you may need to complain. The aim of this process is to resolve issues or concerns as quickly as possible although in the majority of cases we hope that such matters can be resolved informally.

We cannot investigate a formal complaint unless the complainant is prepared to present their complaint in writing. Please provide a clear and precise explanation of what your complaint is about, for example; our service, an individual of our company, the property, the landlord the tenant, the tradesman, or something else. Advise us which communication medium you wish to use (post or email), we will use that method of communication to keep you informed.

Step – 1

Send a written complaint to our office with the words FORMAL COMPLAINT we will acknowledge your letter within 3 working days from receipt. The complaint will be dealt with in the first instance by our Manager and you will receive a written response within 10 working days.

Step – 2

If you are not satisfied with the initial response to the complaint then you can write further complaint to the Director and you will receive a written response within 15 working days. This will be our Final Viewpoint Letter.

Step – 3

If you still remain dissatisfied then the next step will be to contact The Property Ombudsman, of which we are a member. Their details are as follows;

The Property Ombudsman Milford House
43-55 Milford Street

Telephone: 01722 333306

The Property Ombudsman will not consider your complaint until our internal complaints procedure is exhausted.